Eylean Board is an intuitive Kanban Board solution for teams looking to use just one tool. Forget the physical boards, falling sticky notes and multiple software solutions – enjoy seamless and reliable collaboration on your projects.

Eylean is excellent for process and task management, team collaboration, reporting and even integrations when you need them. Pick a predesigned Kanban template or create one that fits your method to the tea and forget any mess you had before.

Eylean kanban board

Kanban Board Solutions

For Kanban teams that are looking for the right solution, the Eylean Board may be the answer. With just a single, the Eylean Board offers the perfect replacement for using multiple software programs, physical boards, and sticky notes that often fail to stick. With the Kanban emphasis on lean manufacturing and getting products delivered at the right time, the Eylean Board offers a single platform to bring your Kanban team together. 

What is Kanban Board?

Kanban Board is usually a physical whiteboard split into columns symbolizing work statuses. Sticky notes put on that board symbolize work units. Each work unit can have title, description, assignment, estimation or additional relevant information. Kanban Boards bring benefits of visualizing work and progress of work. Teams working with Kanban Boards, gain transparency and interactivity. A lot of Agile style meetings happen by looking either at physical or digital kanban boards. Read our blog for more about Kanban Board. Scientific Kanban Board example can be found here.

Techniques associated with Kanban Board:

  • Pull System
  • Kanban cards
  • WIP limits
  • Lead time
  • Cycle time
  • Swimlanes

Below is an example of Kanban swimlanes. Yellow kanban cards are parent top-level work, white ones are children, task-level work. They can be distributed and assigned to different contributors in the team.

Kanban swimlanes
Kanban swimlanes

What is an Eylean Board? 

Essentially, this is a simple software program that brings all the essential elements of processing, task management, and communication into a single place. The focal point of efficiency is fast, clear communication. This is particularly true with the Kanban management style, where making quick, informed decisions is a must. 

By bringing together the essential elements of task management from the collaboration to reporting of new information and integrating different parts of your team, the Eylean Board offers a simple, powerful tool to increase efficiency. You can choose from a predesignated Kanban template or customize one that best fits your needs. 

The key to the Eylean Kanban Board is how it organizes information so that it can be easily seen, interpreted, and decisions can be made quickly. With so many businesses that work on the fly so they can react to new demands, the Eylean Board helps make the most out of the Kanban system to offer the best in solutions. 

  • Easy to Use 
  • Highly Accessible
  • Visualizes Information
  • Helps with Making Important Decisions 

With the Eylean Board, you can now make the transition to the Kanban system. Or, you can improve your version of Kanban that is being employed by your company today. But if you have no experience with Kanban, should you consider switching over? 

Eylean Board brings best of two worlds – Kanban Board system and Classical Project Management with Gantt charts for work shceduling.

Scrum boardScheduling and roadmap

Is Kanban Board Right for My Business?

Understanding if Kanban solutions are the right call for your business starts with a brief examination of Kanban itself. It is essentially a management system that increases efficiency, cuts down on waste, and operates on the demand of customers, which means it needs to move fast. The Kanban system relies on making quick decisions using the best information available. 

Kanban is a management system that originated in the UK during World War II. The goal was to produce Spitfires, a fighter plane, as quickly as possible while incorporating needed changes and upgrades without slowing down production. The Kanban system was picked up by Japan in the post-World War II era and made it widespread across different industries. 

Today, more companies are switching to the Kanban method to increase productivity, efficiency, and generate more profit. While initially used for manufacturing, the Kanban system is now employed across many different industries to help coordinate management and respond to changing situations. In an ever-changing world, Kanban offers a proven method that generates results. 

If your company is considering making the change, you must have the right software system in place. This is where the Eylean Board can help. By having a simple, powerful tool such as the Eylean Board at your disposal, making the switch to Kanban can be quick, efficient, and result in a faster, more comprehensive management style that increases efficiency and response. 

The Four Steps of Switching to Kanban and Kanban Board

As with any change, there will be some doubt and hesitation among those who are involved. That is to be expected. So, the first step is to ensure that everyone gets on board with the Kanban system. This means a proper explanation, use of actual examples, and how Kanban makes the process of decision-making more efficient in an ever-changing world.

When everyone who will be involved can see the advantages, discuss other options, and feel better about switching to this type of process, then going with the Kanban system is all the easier. 

Start Small: Even with the Eylean Board, switching your entire management process to Kanban immediately is not recommended. Although the Kanban process is relatively straightforward, it still requires gaining experience before it can be fully implemented. This means you should start on a small project, one that can help establish everyone to the Kanban system and go from there. 

Begin with the standard Kanban approach and integrate the team slowly without making any changes or updates. There will be questions, but as they gain familiarity with the Kanban system, they will start to understand how it works. 

Adaptation: Now that your team has completed a small project and become familiar with the Kanban basics, it’s time to make the small changes necessary to fit your company. No two Kanban systems are quite the same. This means that over time you will need to create your board and process that is best suited to the team you have assembled. This is where the Eylean Board can be quite handy in keeping things organized. 

Evolve Over Time: Change is the only constant in the universe. This means that even when you have honed the Kanban system to perfection, at least within your company, changes will be inevitable to adapt to new circumstances. This is especially true when you are bringing in new people into the team. You may even want to mix Kanban with other established methods such as Agile and Scrum. 

The Kanban system is one that has over 75 years of use in countries around the world. It is built to be efficient, fast, and process information promptly to help make the best-informed decisions. For your company, implementing this proven system means having the right tools in place to get the job done. That is where the Eylean Board comes in to help organize and focus your Kanban team on achieving success. 

The Eylean Board has helped many management teams to work together efficiently when using the Kanban approach. Simple, easy to use software that pulls together all relevant information and presents it for all to see. If you have been using Kanban for a while or are just considering it for your business, then having the Eylean Board is essential. 

For more examples check our kanban board use cases

Further introduction to Kanban could be found among many agile or lean coaches practicing Kanban methodology.

Kanban Board Examples

Arrow Kanban Board – for controlling throughput and limiting WIP

Lego Kanban Board – for gamification and creativity

Executive Management Kanban Board Add-On – for extra layer of higher level details

Big Room Kanban Board – for complex projects or work visualization at scale

IT Kanban Board – example how Eylean can be used as an IT Kanban Board with Azure DevOps or TFS synchronization

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